I would like to say thank you so much for your support during the Comrades, knowing that you were at certain points kept me going, You and your team where awesome at every tent and gave me all the energy to keep moving forward, and to not give up and cross the finish line.

I will definitely be using your services next year.

Kind regards

Angela Ghemo
I will not be running next year BUT I want to sponsor someone in my club to get this wonderful experience. I will be back in 2017 for the up run.

The 3 pit stops worked 100%. I had enough energy to move to the next stop. The team were extremely helpful and super fast…please THANK them from all of us. I will share my experience to all in my club. I think my highlight was being picked by Jill at the airport in a new C class Mercedes. ( Thanks Jill )… this made my tenth Comrades even more special.

Thanks to Bruce for coming up with this fantastic initiative…. Many runners “DREAM” come true. I would like to have this support in the other upcoming marathons as well.

Have a great weekend !


The after-party was very enjoyable. Definitely something I'd go to again if (when!) I run Comrades in the future.

In one of those strange coincidences Bruce is coming to visit the town where I live in Sept as part of his Parkrun duties, small world or what!

All the best,

Thank you for everything. I had the time of my life.

I've been writing the story of my race. I would like to email it to you all to read.

My life is on a different trajectory now

A better one

X Lynwen
Really enjoyed my time and the support from Complete Marathons was fantastic.

Thank you to Complete Marathons SA for the wonderful support I received on Comrades 2015, and the easy and efficient drop off and pick up at the Hilton. I will be certain to use you again for Comrades 2106.

Kind regards

Angela, (my daughter), and I had a fabulous day with Complete Marathons but as it was your first foray into this area there are obviously some details that need to be finessed and I hope you will accept these comments as constructive criticism.

I think there were not enough toilets at the first location: and there was no supply of water with which to wash our hands. Sanitising ones hands does not seem quite enough.

I think that it would be better to have two small coaches rather than one large one which would mean that the supporters with faster runners could move on to the next location ahead of the slower runners.

However, it seems to me that there is one glitch that cannot be sorted and that is the traffic jam as we approached our final position. Walking for some of us was an option but we were then unsure as to where the coach would be parked. Fortunately, we found other supporters who had stayed with the coach until it was parked who could direct us to Jill who was waiting outside the International Tent.

Incidentally the food was fabulous and generous, the drink plentiful and the hospitality of Jill and the team extremely warm.

This is a great service for the international runners and their supporters and if my husband runs it next year I will certainly try to book again with you.

Kindest regards

Hello, somebody took a picture of my wife who ran the Comrades at about 21kms of arrival, but I don't see it on facebook. Is it possible to have it?

thank you very much and thank you for this memorable day.

Kind regards

Patrick Cheval

Marie-Noëlle Lamer
Marius Buitendag – Excellent service by outstanding people!! Will use the services of Complete Marathons again in 2015!!
Complete Marathons really made our run much easier not being worried about missing our 2nds and not getting our supplies. Have a good day. Carla Bruinette Thank you for having this service available! The marquees were God sent! I did not have to carry 87.7 km worth of stuff with me:) Everyone who helped me was wonderful & kind. The bathrooms were so clean & smelt good too!!!! A huge thank you to the kind lady who helped me at the 2nd marquee.

If & when I come back to run the race again, I will certainly be calling you. Will surely refer other runners to you also.

Thank You! Your group did a great job in organising and carrying out this event. The logistics of planning and bussing people along the route were sometimes a challenge but all I had to do was sit back and try to remain calm while waiting for Angela to appear at the designated points! Kudus to all of you including the bus drivers. The food and refreshments were great too.

I would highly recommend your services to anyone supporting a Comrades runner. Comrades is road race like no other and it was special to be able to experience the atmosphere.


Basil Huxham
We are back in the UK having spent a fantastic 3.5 weeks in SA. The weekend of the Comrades was awesome and as a supporter was greatly helped by the excellent events put on by Complete Marathons (we did the pre race tour with Bruce, the supporters package on the day and the post race party on the following day) Thank you !!!!!

My wife Jan is now hooked on the race and we have already booked a hotel in Pietermaritzburg for the 2016 race !!!!!!!

I will of course be supporting her and as such will want to use your services again as they were brilliant :)

When you know your plans for next year can you let me know so we can make our plans?

Thank you once again.

Mark Hill & Jan Richards
On behalf of Beverley and myself may I express our sincere thank as form the hospitality and organisation you extende3d to us during out recent visit to the Comrades. Without your help our visit would not have been so smooth and trouble free as it was. Everything we did was just wonderful and we shall cherish the memory of our visit for a long time. I have no plans to return to SA in the near future as I have much to see in my new homeland of the USA but If the Good Lord spares me until 2025 I could return for the century celebrations.

Please give my best wishes to Bruce. It was a pleasure and a privilege to meet him once again.

Once again many thanks for all the work your organisation put in on our behalf and may your good work continue.


Bernard Gomersall
Dear Complete Marathons Team,

A big thank you from myself and my husband for organising an unforgettable Comrades experience for us.

Steve enjoyed every minute of the Supporters Package, especially (and I quote) a divine braai. We really hope you will keep offering this service for the non-runner partners in the future. It allowed him to live the Comrades experience at its best even though he was not running, and I was so happy to see him in Kloof and at Umlaas Road! Being able to share a unique experience such as Comrades with one's non-runner better half is awesome!

The marquee service on race day was also so well organised, thank you! Seeing Eileen at Marquee #2 was awesome, the marquee service was amazingly fast, especially since we only met each other a day before the race! All the marquee people were so helpful and knowledgeable about all the runners' needs! Please do keep this service for international runners, it is so much appreciated and makes such a difference on race day!

A big big very special you to Eileen, for organising for us all the transfers, hotels, supporters package, marquees, Vic Falls trip, etc, and also for making sure that everything was going smoothly until the last detail even after hours! Thank you Eileen, you made our trip so much more amazing with the personalized service that you gave us!

Thank you to all the Complete Marathons Team, hopefully we will get to see you again soon!!! :-)

Please send me your package early birds special for 2016 when it is ready... :-)

Kind regards,

Helena Vea – 5 Fantastic service, awesome organisers! Looking forward to seeing you guys again in 2015!
James McGill – if you're doing Comrades for the first time (or are back for more fun), Bruce's route tour is an absolute must. Not only do you hear incredible insights from the man himself (and he has a fantastic, entertaining way of sharing his knowledge), you get to stop at a couple of fantastic locations along the way too. And if you need support on race day, the support packages are also brilliantly organized. Full marks. Brings the history of the race to life.
Lesley Maila – Fantastic and so interesting with good benefits
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