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3 April 2018

Dear Comrades Ambassadors, Runners and Supporters,


It is with a very heavy heart that I am writing this letter. After 5 years of dedication and developing the unique services of the Complete Marathons SA (Pty) Ltd brand together with the guidance of Bruce Fordyce, Comrades Marathon Association, and international ambassadors to Comrades we now have no alternative but to call it a day.

Prior to Comrades Marathon 2017, Mark and I decided to immigrate. We sold the lion share of the company and handed over the management control and the running of the business to Jameson Hlongwane, Errol Madlala and Sam September. For Comrades 2017, I stayed back in South Africa to assist and guide the partners through the 2017 process so that going forward they would be able to manage the logistics and the business seamlessly.

Unfortunately, I have been led to believe, that due to unforeseen circumstances, the new business partners, will not continue providing the services of Complete Marathons SA. This has left us with no alternative but to refund all parties for the services booked and to block future bookings on the site.

I am sincerely saddened by this and hope you will understand the position that we have been placed in. I will be reaching out to all parties regarding the refund and/or hopefully find or recommend an alternative. The good news is that we may have an alternative to offer and will keep you updated within the next few days.

I apologize to all who sent emails to as I am aware that no emails were responded to since our sale of the shares.

Please contact me on should you need any further assistance and I will endeavor to assist.

Kind regards,
Cell: +27 82 558 5428 (for the next 4 weeks)

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